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Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible Review

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Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible, as the name suggests, specialises in the short game - the most important but least studied aspect of golf which can make or break your whole game.  This technical manual focuses on the details and will provide a valuable reference for working out where you can tighten up your technique and improve your score.  According to author Dave Pelz, how you play inside of 100 yards crucially determines your score.  In his 23 years of studying golfers (to publication date), playing golf and compiling data, Pelz found that 60-65% of all golf shots occur within 100 yards of the hole.  Moreover, about 80% of the shots golfers lose to par occur inside 100 yards.  If you want to improve your game Pelz says, the solution is simple: work on your short game.

Author, Pelz is a scientist.  Originally he worked for NASA, researching the atmosphere of the earth Earth and other planets.  A keen golfer, he found he needed work on his short game which was letting him down in making the grade for the PGA tour.  He put his scientific mind to work on studying the physics of putting, i.e. how the putter head strikes the ball and how the mechanics of player and club swing through the putter.  He realised that rather than being left to talent, good putting can be learned through the application of scientific theory.  This led to him developing a golfer's learning device he called the Teacher Putter, which was later banned by the USGA.

Undeterred, Pelz then worked on custom fitting clubs and designed some devices called "Teacher Clips" and the "True Roller" and continued studying the mechanics of putting and passing on his knowledge to professional golfers as a coach.  Since then he never looked back.  Pelz went on to design further technical golf improvement devices and has become the ultimate authority on the science of the short game.

Given the wide range of subjects and approaches to golf covered in the products in this category, this book stands out as a highly useful technical manual.  Because Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible is a specialist book covering the scientific approach to putting, there is not a lot of scope for other topics covered in this book.  This would not be the product to buy if you only buy one book about golf.  If you are a beginner, it may blow your mind and put your off.  However, you will be hard pushed to find another that covered as much detail in the science of the game.  We would recommend that you combine this product with another that covers a more general approach and includes other aspects of the game. If you want the definitive bible to putting - this is your book!

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