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Golf Swing Speed Challenge Review

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The Golf Swing Speed Challenge teaches you to gain improved accuracy and power to your long drive.  The author, Alex Gairdner describes himself as "just an average golfer" who wanted to improve his long drive.  He found that by studying swing techniques available he could only hit distances of about 230 yards.  He looked into why this might be, and one option was to buy a custom fitted driver, but this was a financially unfavorable option.  The only other way to hit further, he found, was to hit harder.  And the best way to hit the ball harder is to swing the club faster.  Gairdner found that for every 1mph of club-head speed gained, he gained 2.2 yards of distance.  So he looked into the ways that he could adjust his swing to make this happen, and developed his own technique.  After developing and testing his own swing improvement program, he found that he had increased his club-head speed by an impressive 20.2mph and this, multiplied by 2.2 yards, made his improved distance an incredible 44.3 yards.  This technique he developed is what The Golf Swing Speed Challenge is all about.

Gairdner tested his technique on a few other golfers, with pleasing results.  The good news is that in order to hit the ball harder and faster it is not a matter of greater strength, but about practising more effectively with a series of practice exercises and drills.  The technique is based on a series of 4 elements, and it is suggested that you need to train your body to incorporate all 4 of these elements in order for it to work.  If any one element is missing it will not work so that is why practice is so important, as is taking your new swing with you out to the game.

Alex Gairdner is a professional full time physiotherapist and has a degree in Sports Science, but most importantly he is a golfing enthusiast.  The angle covered here is a practical approach to learning a physical skill.  In itself this is not a comprehensive guide to all the nuances of the game, nor is it a technical manual.  The price is quite high at $57 but it is a top-selling product in this category.  There is enough in the book to give you a good course in improving your swing, which can be carried out in the home or garden.  There are four "free" features included in this package which may make it worth the money compared to a cheaper book and also adds to its content value.  Included are a video to help with the mental side of the game, a set of extra drills e-mailed to you every week for 10 weeks.  Also included is the advanced Golf Swing Speed Challenge (102) and the next step, the even more advanced Golf Swing Speed Challenge (103).  The drills in these add-ons are meant to improve your distance even more.  They have been sold separately before at $74 dollars each.

As with all e-books buyers need to beware of false promises, but it does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.  There is no support offered but this product presents itself as an effective teaching method suitable for anyone wanting to improve their game.

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