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How To Break 80 Review

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How to Break 80 is a golf instruction manual in the form of a downloadable e-book.  The techniques learned in this guide cover a wide range of golfing topics, all designed to improve your game.  The author Jack Moorehouse breaks down all the common stumbling blocks and pitfalls of the average golfer and deals with them individually.  He covers fundamentals and provides simple steps to improve on them and adds new techniques.  He deals with trouble shots and improving your short game, breaking this down into a simple formula for specific short game shots.  The guide explains chips shots, putting as mastered by the professionals, sand play and how to effectively read the green.  Included is a Putting Results practice game, and a mental 'game plan' which can particularly help you with bad shots, and improve your consistency in your shots.  To finish there is a summary of the 10 essential components that you need to improve your game and break 80.

The three main ways that the guide tackles breaking 80 is to improve consistency of play, increasing the distance of your shots and hitting straight.  How to Break 80 includes step-by-step instructions and colour photographs to illustrate the positions.  There are detailed instructions on grip, stance and different types of golf shots such as chipping out of bunkers and putting on the green.  Like a small handful of the products in this category, this is written by a non-professional golfer who has discovered an effective way of improving their game.  This makes the book accessible for the average golfer and seems less intimidating than some of the other instruction manuals.   Typical of these loud selling products, there is very little information about the author to authenticate his claims, or about his qualifications and experience.  This would suggest there is not much to say on that matter.  There are a lot of testimonials from many happy golfers who have had positive results from using the guide, but of course there is no way of knowing if these are real.  There are many e-books on the market written by such people, and normally it is sensible to be wary of loud brash websites like this one claiming to solve all your problems for several dollars instantly deposited into their account.  However, the success of this e-book and high selling status means that it remains popular and people are getting something out of it, so don't be put off straight away.

This is a simple guide and by comparison with other products in this category scores well in terms of teaching effectiveness, based on its popularity and testimonials.  For a simple how-to-guide it actually covers a comprehensive range of subjects whereas most of the other how-to guides in this category focus on one aspect of your game, e.g. the swing or the long drive.  There is an accompanying website, but it offers little in the way of free resources, other than a gallery of short instructions video clips.  And there is also a shop where you can purchase golfing training aids such as metronomes, stat-trackers and swing trainers if you so wish.  Overall, How to Break 80 is easy to use and good value for money with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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