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Reviews of the Top 10 Teach Yourself Golf Guides of 2022

Welcome to our reviews the Best Teach Yourself Golf Guides of 2022 (also known as Golf Books). Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each golf book, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

How To Break 80 image
A new twist on fundamentals. 4 proven techniques to get you Into the 70's Instantly. Shot-making secrets. Dealing with trouble shots. How to develop a rock-solid short game. The simple formula for short game shots. Mastering the chip shot. The putting secrets of the pros. Secrets to reading greens properly. My highly effective "Putting Results" practice game. A mental 'game plan'. Perfect practice techniques. Professional pre-shot routine. How to...

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How to Practice Your Golf Swing Like the Pros image
In How to Practice Your Golf Swing Like the Pros, you'll learn: The real purpose of practice. Why you’re wasting your time trying to “fix” your swing. How to identify your top practice priorities. Why practising your strengths is critical to good scoring. How to use training methods of Olympic athletes to turbo-charge your results. Why some old myths might be holding you back. How to structure an effective...

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Swing Like a Pro image

256 page hardcover book. The breakthrough scientific method for perfecting your golf swing. Based on the computer-generated "Pro" golfer. A composite of over 100 of the world top golfers. Written by Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin with Guy Yocom. Chapters include Grip. Set-up. Backswing. Transition. Top of the Swing. Down swing. Impact. Follow-Through4. Timing and Tempo. Swing Like a Pro. Editor's Verdict: Swing Like a Pro: The Breakthrough...

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5 Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf image

127 page paperback. Written by Ben Hogan and Herbert Warren Wind. Illustrations. Diagrams. Clear step-by-step instructions. Explanations by an experienced instructor. Comprehensive guide to improving your golf. Focus on fundamental principles. Good value for money in the form of a pocket guide. Chapters include: The Fundamentals. The Grip. Stance and Posture. The First Part of the Swing. The Second Part of the Swing. Summary and Review. Editor's Verdict: There...

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Golf Swing Speed Challenge image
Based on three basic principles for hitting the ball further: Make changes to your swing technique and practice a lot. Get custom fitted with equipment to improve launch angle, spin rate etc. Increase clubhead speed. You can do all of the exercises and drills indoors, at home. No special equipment is necessary. You’re told exactly what to do, how often, and to what level. It doesn’t matter what age...

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Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game image

204 pages hardcover book by Dr. Joseph Parent. Applies the concept of Zen to master the mental game of golf. Chapters include: Part One: A Different Perspective: Four Kinds of Students. How Big is Your Mind?. Unconditional Confidence. Clearing the Interference. A Perfect Swing. Part Two: The PAR Approach Preparation The Vividness of the Moment. Where is Your Target?. Cool, Calm and Collected. Listening to your Intuition. Centre of...

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Bobby Jones on Golf image

246 page paperback. Written by Bobby Jones. Foreword by Charles Price. 15 comprehensive chapters. Some of the topics covered: The Ultimate Object. Ease and Comfort. The Purpose of Backswing. Developing a Style. Common Sense and Short Shots. Getting Control. Finding the Orthodox. Power. Slicing and Hooking. Recovery Shots. Golf and Recreation. Tournament Preparation. Concentration. Taking the Breaks in Stride. Difficult Conditions. Editor's Verdict: One of the longer paperbacks in...

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Harvey Penick's Little Red Book image

175 page paperback book. Draws from a lifetime of experience over a range of topics, including the following: The Grip. Looking Up. The Waggle. The Three Most Important Clubs. The Practice Swing. How to Knock Five Strokes off Your Game. Backspin. Bunkers Play. Psychology. Placing Your Feet. How to Practice the Full Swing. Warming Up in a Hurry. Putting. The First Time Student. Hooking and Slicing. Yardage. Long and...

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Golf My Way image

304 page paperback. Topics Include: Part 1: Beliefs And Attitudes On Methods: Mine and Others. It Helps to Know Where and How You Want to Go. Why I always Played the Fade, and Now Sometimes Play the Draw. Some Plane Truth. Part 2: Down The Fairway The Grip - Not Knotty Problem. Tempo + Rhythm = Timing. Power. "Trouble". Part 3: Around And On The Green Chipping: a Multifaceted...

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Golf is Not a Game of Perfect image

240 page paperback. 22 chapters, including topics such as: What Nick Price Learned from William James. How Stuart Anderson Created His Own Reality. What the Third Eye Sees. Let the Short Game Flow. What I Learned from Bobby Locke. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. Anyone Can Develop Confidence. What Mark Twain and Fred Couples Have in Common. What I Learned from Steve Ballesteros. Conservative Strategy, Cocky Swing....

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