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Golf is Not a Game of Perfect Review

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Golf is Not a Game of Perfect is written by Dr. Robert J. Rotella (along with Bob Cullen). Dr. Rotella is a top golf consultant and worked as the Director of Sports Psychology for twenty years.  He is a writer for and consultant to Golf Digest and has had many books published such as The Golfer's Mind and Putting Out of Your Mind.  Dr. Rotella applies his expertise in sports psychology to help people to improve their game of golf, which as golf guru Jim Flick's mantra goes "is 90 percent mental and the other 10 per cent is mental, too."  In the appendix of Golf is not a Game of Perfect, Rotella lists his rules about golf and the mind of the player.  Here are just a few examples

  • A person with great dreams can achieve great things.
  • People by and large become what they think about themselves.
  • Free will is a golfer's greatest source of strength and power.  Choosing how to think is a crucial decision.
  • Golfers must train themselves in physical technique and then learn to trust what they have been trained.
  • Courage is a necessary quality in all champions.  But an athlete cannot be courageous without first being afraid.

There are lots of examples of top golfers he has coached, and the journeys all sorts of athletes he has watched over the years.  The writing is charming, engaging, and greatly inspiring.  Dr. Rotella covers all the aspects of the psychological approach to the game because he knows it inside out.  Dreams are a key theme in the book, i.e. personal goals that we all have that can shape the direction of our future if we let them.  Other aspects of golf covered in this book include how to deal with and thrive under pressure, distractions that rattle golfers nerves, and focusing too much on the score board.

While the approach of Golf is Not a Game of Perfect is psychology, it is based around the physical techniques, situations and challenges involved in the game. The idea behind the book is to simplify the seemingly highly technical game which can be overwhelming, to a simple set of rules allowing the player to take control and enjoy themselves as well.  The advice is simple, but the book expands on the principles to help the reader to remember them.

This highly popular book is great value for only £5.66 from Amazon.co.uk and for those outside the UK there is an abridged downloadable edition for a minuscule £3.69.  Put it on in the car or on your MP3 and enjoy the psychology of the game.

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