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  • $57
  • 4 FREE gifts
  • 60 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee


  • Based on three basic principles for hitting the ball further:
    • Make changes to your swing technique and practice a lot.
    • Get custom fitted with equipment to improve launch angle, spin rate etc.
    • Increase clubhead speed
  • You can do all of the exercises and drills indoors, at home.
  • No special equipment is necessary.
  • You’re told exactly what to do, how often, and to what level. It doesn’t matter what age you are currently - you’ll be able to complete this challenge.
  • Easy exercises and drills.
  • You’re given pictures of all the exercises and drills, along with videos so you’ll know exactly what you should be doing.
  • The exercises can be completed no matter what your level of fitness by taking them at your own pace.
  • All of the exercises can be completed within approximately 30 minutes per day. Less than 10 minutes toward the end part of the program.
  • Digital PDF format - instant download.
  • Videos showing you the exercises.
  • Hit the ball further and better and with less effort. You’ll enjoy playing golf more.
  • Hit the ball straighter because your golf swing will be more powerful and in more control.
  • Feel like you’re swinging easier and yet the ball will be going further.
  • Lower your scores because you’ll have shorter shots to the greens.
  • Feel better and this will have a great overall positive effect on your golf game and your life.
  • Finally have a pain free golf swing that will help you to enjoy playing golf for many years to come.


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