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  • Paperback edition $12.91 from Amazon.com with free delivery
  • Kindle edition $12.93


  • 304 page paperback
  • Topics Include:
    • Part 1: Beliefs And Attitudes
      • On Methods: Mine and Others
      • It Helps to Know Where and How You Want to Go
      • Why I always Played the Fade, and Now Sometimes Play the Draw
      • Some Plane Truth
    • Part 2: Down The Fairway
      • The Grip - Not  Knotty Problem
      • Tempo + Rhythm = Timing
      • Power
      • "Trouble"
    • Part 3: Around And On The Green
      • Chipping: a Multifaceted Art
      • Putting: That Other Game
    • Part 4: Reflections And Recommendations
      • How Time Changed My Game
      • Beyond Shot-Making
      • Tournament Golf: Then and Now
      • Enjoy the Greatest Game of All


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