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Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Reviews

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Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Costs & Features

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  • Paperback edition $11.20 from Amazon.com with free delivery
  • Audio CD edition $6.70 from Amazon.com
  • Audible edition $11.44 from Audible.com


  • 175 page paperback book
  • Draws from a lifetime of experience over a range of topics, including the following:
    • The Grip
    • Looking Up
    • The Waggle
    • The Three Most Important Clubs
    • The Practice Swing
    • How to Knock Five Strokes off Your Game
    • Backspin
    • Bunkers Play
    • Psychology
    • Placing Your Feet
    • How to Practice the Full Swing
    • Warming Up in a Hurry
    • Putting
    • The First Time Student
    • Hooking and Slicing
    • Yardage
    • Long and Short
    • Trick Shots


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