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Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game Costs & Features

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  • Hardcover edition $12.21 from Amazon.com with free delivery
  • Audio CD edition new from $29.95 from Amazon.com
  • Audible audio edition $17.19 from Audible.com


  • 204 pages hardcover book by Dr. Joseph Parent
  • Applies the concept of Zen to master the mental game of golf.
  • Chapters include:
    • Part One: A Different Perspective:
      • Four Kinds of Students
      • How Big is Your Mind?
      • Unconditional Confidence
      • Clearing the Interference
      • A Perfect Swing
    • Part Two: The PAR Approach
      • Preparation
        • The Vividness of the Moment
        • Where is Your Target?
        • Cool, Calm and Collected
        • Listening to your Intuition
        • Centre of Gravity
      • Action
        • Synchronizing Body and Mind
        • Give Up Control to Get Control
        • Putt with Imagination
      • Response to Results
        • The Post-Shot Routine
        • Thanks for the Memories
        • Pebbles in the Bowl
        • Fire Your Evil Caddy
    • Part Three: A Game of Honor
      • Chi Chi's Prayer
      • A Warrior's Dignity


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