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Please note that Golf Swing Book has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Golf Swing Book below, or check out the rest of the Golf Books we've reviewed.

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Golf Swing Book Review

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Golf Swing Book teaches a technique uniquely designed to improve your golf swing.  It comes in the form of an e-book which can be instantly downloaded from the website, and a whole package of free bonuses to help your learning experience.  The tuition is based on technique and there is no inclusion of psychology and so appears to be focused on achieving technical results.  The idea is to produce consistent results by way of learning a method that improves your timing, balance and control every time. There is no information about the author before you buy, so nothing is known about teaching qualifications or golfing credentials and you will have to take their word for it.  This product is in the higher category price range, but is much more than just a book.  There is enough in this package to provide a comprehensive learning experience without signing up for lessons.  The price reflects this, and in that way it is good value for money.  It is designed for the average golfer to improve their score. If you are a professional or scratch golfer (with handicap of zero), this book is not for you. 

In the e-book you are taught how to overcome the three commonest problems faced by the average golfer by talking about the fundamentals of the golf swing.  Checkpoints are provided so that you can monitor your own swing and match that of the instructions.  This book claims to be different from others on the market because it teaches what to do, rather than what not to do.  You are taught how to set up your swing and learn a trick that helps you to forget about balance in order to improve your balance.  The "Full Swing" technique was developed by the author as a simpler version of the "Classic Swing" and is easier for golfers to master.  He claims that this way is more fun and because it is easier, students are less likely to give up and more likely to enjoy the game.  The whole swing is broken down into easy steps and you are only expected to learn one step at a time until you feel confident to move on.  This product therefore combines complex technique with an easy teaching method. 

The real fun with this product comes with all the freebies.  There's the DVD, the membership to the apprentice program, the 30-day e-mail access to the author and the Pro Internet video newsletter.  What will they do for you?  A lot of benefit can be had from watching the tutor demonstrate the moves on video.  The DVD covers topics such as grip, alignment, backswing and downswing as well as faults and cures.  The principle being taught is to use the spine as an axis to promote consistency and keep you on the correct swing plane.  There are more videos available through the apprenticeship program membership.  This is the only product in this category to offer an online forum. Also you will receive weekly tips and lessons, breakdown sessions, practice drills and worksheets and assignments to monitor your progress.  Also you get Swing Analyser Software so you can really keep an eye on how well you are improving.  Take a look at the features list and see how much there is to offer, it should keep you busy for hours.  On top of all this, you will get updates for your e-book.

This is a comprehensive and fun package that can be used on its own or as part of a reading list.  It is designed to be easy to use and produce results quickly.  There is no substitute for a good golf tutor, but if you are stuck and just want to enjoy a little practice at home, then this could be the product for you. With the 60-day no risk money back guarantee, what have you got to lose?

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Please note that Golf Swing Book has now been discontinued.

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