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Please note that The Simple Golf Swing has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of The Simple Golf Swing below, or check out the rest of the Golf Books we've reviewed.

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The Simple Golf Swing Review

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As you would expect from our Number 1 review, The Simple Golf Swing ticks all the boxes.  This is a snazzy package that outshines every other product in this category.  If you only buy one, this is the one for you.  However at $67 it is also the most expensive.  Let's see what you get for your dollars.

The format is an e-book with accompanying instructional video that can be downloaded to your PC.  The e-book is 32 pages long and covers a range of fundamental techniques in its chapters.  The 37 minute video is a great visual aid to help in the learning process and illustrates the suggested positions and movements taught in the e-book.  The 10 bonuses are a useful collection of extra articles and videos including a lifetime of upgrades to the e-book.  All these freebies are yours to keep even if you decide to return The Simple Golf Swing for a refund.  This is a gesture of goodwill to all customers. 

Unlike any of the other products in this category, there is a customer support website that directs you to frequently asked questions about downloading the product and other related queries.  This is managed through Pure Point Golf on their website (GolfCustomerService.com) and they can also be contacted by telephone on 1-800-916-1424. This sort of information inspires confidence in buyers as there is nothing more off-putting than the prospect of being left high and dry after parting with cash online.

The website selling The Simple Golf Swing is called GolfSwingGuru.com and represents a group of golf instructors offering learning aids in the form of e-books, videos, books and DVDs.  Their golf academy is located at either Scottsdale, AZ or Chicago, IL depending on the season.  David Nevogt is the creator of The Simple Golf Swing and one of these instructors.  This is a commercial enterprise and it appears to be run as such.  This is something to take into account when comparing with the other books, which may have been written decades ago before the Internet was invented. 

For example, there are a lot more products on the market now.  This can have the effect of raising the bar, but it can also produce some hard sell and gimmicks when really not much has changed since golf was invented.  The fundamental principles of hitting the ball have remained the same.  What has changed is the number of people playing golf and the kit and technology available.  This e-book combines knowledge learned through analysing the golf swing and applying it to the average golfer, put simply and effectively in the form of a handy system.

  By working on the set-up for a simplified golf swing, you can go through the five steps of the swing and come back to where you started with power and control.  

What is also useful about the modern approach is being able to watch instructional videos without having to leave your home.  This saves time on the course and also allows you to watch and re-watch parts that you need to work on without the need for an instructor.  Of course if you are serious about improving your golf it is always advisable to hire a professional instructor who will be able to iron out any problems and provide encouragement and support which a video cannot.

So, what is covered in The Simple Golf Swing system?  The idea is to decrease your handicap and improve on the "conventional golf swing."  It introduces new ideas that you may not have come across in that it addresses the swing in a way that anyone can do, regardless of their physical ability. The system places less stress on the lower back by teaching with a shortened backswing.  The point of doing this is to result in a solid impact and help to create consistency of play - the key to improvement is getting it right first time and repeating it.

Secondly, the system has been designed to take all the unnecessary movements out of your swing.  It focuses on the fundamentals of a simple swing which you are advised to practise until you get consistent results.  It takes time for your muscles to build up memory and strength in the right way to get the necessary control for a good swing.  This system teaches you to get the club back where you started, square and quickly.  This way you do not need to think about weight transfer as you will do this automatically because of the corrections you make to your backswing and downswing.  The essence is simplicity.  By taking away the excess technical matters, it will help you to start with a firm base on which to build.  This product is therefore helpful for both high and low handicappers.

For high handicappers, The Simple Golf Swing can help you rethink your swing and provide the basics for some useful practice.  If you have a low handicap you will not have to totally rebuild your swing but you can take parts of the system and incorporate them into your swing, creating a hybrid of ideas, blending the old with the new.

The first chapter of the guide is about setting up your swing.  This is considered the most important aspect determining your score.  You may already be happy with your set up but if you are experiencing niggling problems with your slice or hook, you might find looking at it from a fresh perspective helpful.  Luckily the set up is the easiest thing to change of all bad golf habits because it occurs before the swing.  If you have niggling frustrations to do with your swing, you may find that there is something wrong with the set-up or you may have made an adjustment that has made it worse. By working on the set-up for a simplified golf swing, you can go through the five steps of the swing and come back to where you started with power and control.

The writing is clear and concise and makes basic sense.  This product teaches a system that can help golfers of all levels.  Have a look at the first chapter, which is sent free when you sign up and maybe this is the product for you. 

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Please note that The Simple Golf Swing has now been discontinued.

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